What is the main difference between traditional and valet consignor? What is the best option for me?

The main difference is who enters, tags and prices the items. If you are short on time and don't mind earning a bit less, then valet consigning is for you. You have to register in the mysalemanager.net website for either one, but if you are planning to valet consign I ask to please send me an email, and then further drop off instructions are sent. We do the rest for you! Traditional consignors can only drop off on drop off day, which is on Thursday, April 13th.

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What items are acceptable?

Most baby and kid items are acceptable unless they have a recall. Items can include, clothes, toys, shoes, accessories, furniture, nursing items, baby/kid gear like strollers, car seats, high chairs, bouncers, swings. Others like books, crafts (to do projects), baby/kid room deco, puzzles, games, educational items, etc. You can always send us an email to double check if an items is acceptable. We do ask that all items are clean, free of stains, not broken or ripped, and that all electronics come with working batteries. Not only do items that are presentable sell for more, they also appeal to most people.

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What if I need supplies for tagging?

We have a form that you can fill out to request items for purchase or rent as well as services we currently provide.

Please check out this link to get to the form.

How do I pay for my registration?

Registration is $12. We also have a special registration fee for children wanting to consign, and the fee is only $5. You can pay ahead at drop off. Cash and card payments are accepted. No checks. You can also wait until the sale is over, and the registration will be deducted from your earnings, as well as any purchases, rentals or services you might have gotten. If you make less than $20 in sales, a portion of the registration fee will be waived.

When is drop off again?

Drop off for traditional consignors will take place April 13th starting at 3 pm until 5:30 pm. We ask that you reserve a 30 min drop off by logging in your consignor account.

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I heard you can you can make more money if you volunteer, is that true and how do I do that?

That is true. All consignors regardless of whether they volunteer their time can make at least 65% of their total sales. If you volunteer at the sale, you can earn up to 75% of the total sales. We need volunteers for every shift. Without people to help out, we are not able to carry out the sale. As an additional perk, depending on the number of hours a person volunteers, he/she can start shopping prior to the pre-sale.

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I heard you have a huge discount day. Is everything really 75% off on the last day?

All items marked for discount get discounted to 50% off for the first two hours of the discount sale and to 75% off on the last two hours of that second day. You can save a ton if you come out on the second day, but if you like something don't wait too long or it will be out before you know it.